To make a reservation, contact us by phone:   1-(888)399 3357

Cost per Person:*
3 nights:        $1,460
5 nights:        $2,350 

*flights from Toronto to Thunder Bay to Webequie is extra.
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Trips can be customized to suit your comfort.

It involves 3 step process:
1. decide number of days for the trip.
2. provide a list of activities and "preferences": fishing, hiking, camp fires, singing, food
3. payment and confirmation of trip itinerary.

An idea on flight costs from (as of August 2019):
1. Toronto to Thunder Bay:  About $500/person Return    Inquire   (
2. Thunder Bay to Webequie: About $800/person Return Inquire    (   

Flexibile Tour Packages:
1.  Weekend Trips: 3 days
2. One week...5 days